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Expertflow develops and deploys Contactcenter Software and infrastructures.


Expertflow was founded in 2006 and has deployed over 70 contact centers throughout Africa and the Middle East, and is entirely management owned. This guarantees a strong personal commitment in the long-term success of the company, as well as a financial solidity required to stem callcenter projects and operations of long durations.

Expertflow is Cisco Advanced Technology Partner of UCCE and CVP, and has been focusing on Cisco IPCC and CVP as well as on Microsoft CRM since its inception.

Our customers are currently located in Pakistan, Saudiarabia, UAE, Uganda, Congo-Brazzaville, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Tunisia.

Adresse: Jaegerweg 18, 3014 Berne
Telefonnummer: +41 796385801
Stadt: Bern
Route: Jaegerweg 18
Postleitzahl: 3014

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