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Sss-g AG


The sss-g Ltd is the holding company for the company sss-g Ltd, e&dd Ltd, t-cos Ltd., osiris Ltd and it-gr Ltd. More than 150 skilled employees in five companies serve our customers worldwide.


Our philosophy:
Good software is like the change of seasons.

Good software is predictable - it just works the way it supposed to. You can
rely on it the way you rely on the arrival of springtime. se&dd writes this kind
of software. When it leaves our doors, it's ready for the world.

There are three reasons why you should select us to produce your next
program, provide signature management services or oversee the creation of
your new database.

Adresse: Sarmenstorferstrasse 3, 5615 Fahrwangen, Suisse
Telefonnummer: +41 76 255 70 17
Stadt: Fahrwangen
Route: Sarmenstorferstrasse 3
Postleitzahl: 5615

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